Performance, programmation INVITE.E.X.S par Anne Vimeux, Sissi Club, 2022
Photo : Theo Eschenauer

The flower in the cut-in-half 
plastic water bottle bent
to catch some of the kitchen’s 
window light.
I move through the one-room apartment reaching the mattress and bowed,
not only hearing cars after cars and the motors raging from the boulevard,
not only the privatisation hell circle,
not only on the shelf sits a bottle of hydrochrolic acid, I used it to rust metal pieces
for aesthetic reasons and disrupting the well-oiled machinery,
not only are the trees by my window chanting for rebirth and bravery until the street
turns into a becoming-forest thousands of years from now,
not only numbers of euros scream behind my screen,
not only faggots and dykes in 1971 warned us to fight 
narratives’ assimilation into the big fat wheels of 
flat consumption, you should have seen them, 
marching and chanting and proclaiming caress 
above any State or nation limits, without 
necessarily breathing but ventilating loud air as 
a huge echo as a detonation as a survival kit for 
lost emotions,
not only my brain screaming to open social network 
apps 467 times a day, I don’t belong to me, inter
section of a news feed, a reacted and valorising 
instant persona – that makes me sick, 
not only meds help through a day or two, stomach 
growling and mind ill, how do you regard 
insanity and living worth, for deranged spirits 
not only thinking about penis but also about 
butthole, and sperm and sperm,
not only the tremble of ecstatic blur in the body,
not only beds but corrosive links, not only feet but 
alternate directions,
not only solitude in the excellence of the city’s excess,
not only flower
but a blossom.

Seconds escape, your muscles process
not once but multiple times in the single night
rehearsing victory and failure,
uneasy and satisfied.
We move in the city, astonished and vivid faces
longing for a fractured experience of time,
time is our
time is your