Steel sculptures
Group exhibition Hors de la nuit des normes, hors de l’énorme ennui, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, curation Valentina D’Avenia & Clément Raveu, 2023
Photos : Aurélien Mole

Tenderness, silence
Solo presentation Paris+ par Art Basel with Gianni Manhattan, Paris, 2023
Photos : Graysc.de

I’ve seen the future
Steel sculpture
Group exhibition SISSI Club, Marseille, 2023
Photos : Élise Poitevin

Site-specific installation, mortar made out of lime
Group exhibition No suspense nor drama, Triangle – Astérides, Marseille, 2023
Photos : Aurélien Mole

My edges are sharpening
Three hanging sculptures, cables, cable clamps, salt crystals, bended steel
In-situ wall installation made out of lime mortar
Group exhibition at Gianni Manhattan, Vienna, 2023
Photos : kunst-dokumentation.com / Manuel Carreon Lopez

Resistance of Fluids
Series of printed poems on drawings
Exhibition “Resistance of Fluids” at galerie Air de Paris, december 2022

Loose Compass 
Performance, CAPC musée d’art contemporain, Bordeaux, invitation Cédric Fauq,  2022
and Casa Encendida, Madrid, invitation Juf, 2023
Photo : Arthur Péquin for Capc and Estudio Perplejo for Casa Encendida

Cables, salt cristals, steel, cable clamps, lime, soil, ceramics, melted tin
Collective exhibition “JAIMES”, curation Marie de Gaulejac, Triangle – Astérides, Marseille, 2022
Photos : Aurélien Mole

Intrication, engagement
Etchings on zinc
For sale on www.sissi-club.com/editions/

To the spirits that stole the light of five hundred suns
Intervention in the studio, summer 2021

Aurélien Potier lives and works in Marseille. He was an artist in residency at Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Triangle – Astérides (Marseille), Center for Contemporary Arts & GSS (Glasgow), and the CAC Synagogue de Delme. His work has been presented at Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Triangle – Astérides (Marseille), CAPC (Bordeaux), CCA (Glasgow), la Casa Encendida (Madrid), Gianni Manhattan (Vienna), Sissi Club (Marseille), Air de Paris (Romainville), Sultana (Paris), Cooper Union (New York), Belsunce Projects (Marseille), Centre International de Poésie (Marseille), Montez Press Radio (New York).
His work is represented by Gianni Manhattan, Vienna.

Inhabited by a strive to bring together contradictory forces, Aurélien’s work is the fruit of intertwining paradoxes; where fragility gives birth to a language permeated with affects. His work creates perceptive environments that are traversed by disorientation, with a vitality from which emerge written, performed, drawn and sculpted forms. Revendicating the power of vulnerability and affirming the centrality of intimacy, Aurélien powerfully expresses the creative potential of emotional fallibility and instable moments.
– Camille Ramanana Rahary